Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum (Years 5 and 6) 2016/17
Miss Rebecca Dickson -U KS2 Team Leader

The curriculum in upper Key Stage 2 is broad, in that it includes all the foundation subjects, and balanced, in that appropriate weighting is given to the core subjects of Mathematics, Science and English. We aim for all children to reach their highest possible standard in each subject area. We follow a very exciting themed curriculum which allows children to apply skills and knowledge across different subjects.

The topics covered follow the National Curriculum guidance and age related expectations as the basis for planning and teaching English and Mathematics, as well as other primary curriculum subjects including;

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• Religious Education
• ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
• History
• Geography
• PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education)
• Science
• PE (Physical Education)
• Music
• French
• Design and Technology
• Art and Design

Below is an overview of the fantastic topics we will be covering:



A Child’s War
The sirens are blaring, the bricks are crumbling! Wind back the clock to life in Britain during World War Two. Children will visit Eden camp and explore and research what life was like as a child. They will imagine what their life would have been like as an evacuee and prepare the classroom for the blackout!
Frozen Kingdom
As geographers, we will learn about the beauty and danger of the Arctic and Antarctica by exploring the habitats and by studying the first, polar explorers. Children will take part in a local expedition and work as a team to overcome challenges.
Blood Heart
With Science at the heart of this topic, children will study the circulatory system and how it works. They will dissect a pig’s heart and carry out investigations to see how their own heart rate can be affected.
Peasants, Princes & Pestilence
Get ready…the deadly plague is on its way! We will step back (with caution!) into 14th Century Britain. We will look at first-hand accounts of the plague and examine the gruesome effects of bugs and bacteria on the human body.
Gallery Rebels
Move over Monet and Picasso, the real artists have arrived! We will explore, interpret and research a range of artists and then decide on our own artistic style.
Hola Mexico
Bienvenido a Mexico! We will dive deep into the traditions, culture and geography of this vibrant country. With our chefs’ hats on, we will taste and design our own Mexican inspired dishes and celebrate their fiestas with music and song.


Together, we will travel back over 5000 years to explore a world of curses, mummies and kings. As historians, we will explore sources and artefacts and take on the role of an apprentice embalmer.
We will journey through space to explore the awe inspiring solar system in which we live. We will become astronauts, designing, building and evaluating our own rockets and reporting back on the planets we visit.
Children will return to a time where the workhouse, gruel and chimney sweeping would have been a normal part of their lives. They will explore the many inventions and changes during the reign of Queen Victoria that have influenced our lives today.
Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get dirty knees! Children will get to experience growing their own vegetables and will investigate the most suitable conditions. They will look at local habitats and design bug hotels to keep our local miniature residents happy.
Beast Creator
Children will get to see the world through the eyes of the creepy crawlies that lives amongst us. They will apply their scientific knowledge to classify, design and make their own unique mini-beast.
Time Traveller
Tick, tock, tick tock. The hands of a clock never stop! Children will explore the work of Salvador Dali and consider how time has and will affect the way we live our lives.


Whilst we work very hard in school, the children are expected to complete some work at home. This work will be found in their homework books. We also expect children to read at home at least three times a week and record it in their reading record. Reading at home is an essential part of your child’s learning and ensures that they progress well. Each week, children will be given a set of spellings; they will be tested on these spellings at the end of the week. Homework is given out on a Thursday and should be returned the following Tuesday.

Should you require any additional information on the curriculum for your child, please contact your child’s class teacher or access the link below to the Department for Education.

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