Eco Team

Berwick Hills Primary’s Eco Team 2015-2016.

Eco Team

 Eco Team Leader Mrs Dunn
 Adult Members  Mrs Young
   Mrs Watson
   Miss Cooper
   Mr Berry
 Parent Member  Mrs Shepherd
 School Caretaker  Mrs Knight

Each class has two representatives who attends half termly Eco meetings.  During meetings, the children discuss ideas and Eco issues at Berwick Hills Primary.

The eco team also work around the school promoting Eco initiatives such as recycling and energy control.

The Eco team have an Eco code which was devised by the Eco members.  This code can be found displayed around school.  We believe strongly that it is the responsibility of everyone at Berwick Hills Primary to care for our environment.




Eco News 16/12/2015

I am delighted to announce that the competition winner for designing a poster. The poster was to advertise the collection of old Christmas cards to be Recycled. The winner is Matilda Douglass. Well done Matilda I hope you enjoy the prize.

Please bring all your old unwanted Christmas cards to Berwick Hills Primary main office on the week beginning 4th January 2015.

Merry Christmas

Mrs Hughes Eco Leader



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