Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 Curriculum (Years 1 and 2) 2016/17

Mrs J Voyzey – KS1 Team Leader

At Berwick Hills Primary School we follow the National Curriculum guidance and level expectations as the basis for planning and teaching English and Mathematics across the school as well as other primary curriculum subjects including;

  • Religious education
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  • History
  • Geography
  • PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education)
  • Science
  • PE (physical Education)
  • Music
  • French
  • Design and Technology
  • Art and Design
  • As a Key Stage 1 Team we plan and incorporate the core content and programmes of study from the National Curriculum frameworks together with topical themes and ideas as outlined below to provide context, purpose and relevance to the children’s work. Giving the children quality learning through experience is of prime importance to us and whenever possible, we are out and about on trips to enhance the children’s learning.
A Memory Box

Can you remember being small? Being a baby learning to crawl? Do you recall a favourite toy? Maybe a teddy or a much loved book. Look back at family photos of special occasions perhaps holiday snap shots or a birthday or two. Remember a wedding, or a christening and find funny photos of your parents when they were young.

Paws Claws and Whiskers

Soft fur, sharp claws and twitching whiskers. What’s your favourite animal? One that meows? One that barks? Or maybe one that scurries or slithers? From pets at home to animals in the zoo, let’s find out what animals eat and where they like to sleep. Do you know how to look after a rabbit? A cat? Or even a snake! Find out how the elephant got his trunk and how the rhino got his leathery skin.

Muck mess and Mixtures

Let’s get messy! Muck and mess is good. Dive in and get your hands and feet all sticky and covered in paint. Play with liquids, squish some dough and check out the slushiest, mushiest foods. Pour, mix, stir, splat! How does it feel to get your hands covered n goo? Make a wobbly jelly and draw with wibbly clay!

Land Ahoy


Get your sea legs on, it’s time to sail the salty seas. Navigate, investigate and explore the world, just like Captain Cook. Make a boat, sink a ship, fly a pirate flag! Speak like a pirate, write like a poet, then weigh and measure a pirate’s booty!

How do rescues gappen at sea? Find out about brave volunteers and young Miss Darling, woring her boat across stormy seas.

Beat bang Boogie

Step in time to the beat: 1,2,3,4 let’s make sounds, high and low! That sound is loud! That one is quiet! What can you hear? There are sounds all around! What’s making each one?

Name all the instruments in a band and be part of a body orchestra. Pat your knees, clap your hands, tap your feet, let’s move to the beat.



Who’s your favourite superhero? Maybe your heroes are ordinary people who have achieved great things. Or is it those people who save livesin our emergency services that you admire most? Superheroes have super senses. Use yours to identify mystery items by their smell, taste, sound and touch.

B Wriggle and Crawl

Grab your coat and pooter – we’re going out and about on a minibeast hunt! Sweep your nest in puddles and ponds and lift up logs to see who is home! Then set up your own minibeast laboratory and observe their every move. Learn about bees, worms and butterflies. Can you make a food chain to show who eats who?

Moon Zoom

. What’s that in the playground? It looks like a UFO has crash landed! Find out who might have crash landed by exploring the craft and investigating scattered specimens. Create a ‘Welcome to Earth’ box for the alien explorers. What can you put in it to help explain life on our planet? Find out about the names of the planets. Then an alien is found. Can you help him home?


Throw it, catch it, roll it, bounce it! Can you catch the bouncing ball? Can you bounce too? Jump like a horse, leap like a frog or kick like a kangaroo. How many bounces can you do? Design a game, then write instructions for someone else to play it. Then create a Sporting Challenge Day for parents and carers. Now let’s relax, breathe deeply and stretch those tired muscles.

The Scented Garden

Explore the astounding world of a scented garden, but be careful, there are some wild and dangerous plants out there that do astonishing things – just don’t touch! Use the marvellous properties of plants, flowers and herbs to make an exceptional gift for somebody special. Everything is coming up roses. Why not grow your own?

Bright Lights Big City


What do you know about England’s capital city? Let’s find out all about London, including it’s history, landmarks and transport. Step back in time and discover what happened in the Great Fire of London. Where did it start?

Plan a tour round London for someone who is from another country.

Dinosaur Planet


Imagine you’re a palaeontologist. Dig deep and disscover fascinating dinosaur facts. Create your own dinosaur museum and invite visitors to see your awesome dinosaur artefacts. You could even do a dinosaur dance or produce some prehistoric percussion. Which is your favourite dinosaur? The Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Brachiosaurus or the Micropachycephalosaurus!


Whilst we work very hard in school, the children are expected to complete some work at home. This work will be found in their homework folders. We also expect children to read at home at least three times a week and record it in their reading record. Prizes are given out for reading at home in our weekly Reading Raffle. Reading at home is an essential part of your child’s learning and ensures that they progress well. Homework is given out on a Thursday and should be returned by the following Tuesday.

Should you require any additional information on the curriculum for your child please contact your child’s class teacher or access the link below to the Department for Education.

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