Numbers Count

Numbers Count

Numbers Count

We are pleased to introduce Miss K Hinnigan, our specialist Numbers Count teacher.

What is Numbers Count?

Numbers Count is a programme that improves children’s mathematical skills. It is a part of the national Every Child Counts programme. Some children working at a level below their classmates, may be selected for a place on the Numbers Count programme. This means that they will receive intensive 1-to-1 or very small group support from a specially trained Numbers Count teacher. The teacher will aim to accelerate children’s learning so that they can work much closer to the level of their classmates. Numbers Count will focus on improving children’s mathematical skills but will also help them to develop ways of learning that will help in all subjects.

What is it like?

The programme is different for every child. The teaching is specially designed and delivered by the Numbers Count teacher to meet children’s individual needs. A Numbers Count programme usually lasts for about one term. Children will receive a 30-minute lesson 3, 4 or 5 days a week. The time slot of each lesson is varied throughout the week to ensure the least disruption to their class work. The lesson takes place in a special Numbers Count area in our ‘Hub’. It is highly interactive and practical. The Numbers Count teacher will help children to develop mathematical vocabulary and to talk about how they do mathematics. The Numbers Count children will still have a daily mathematics lesson with their class teacher, who will work together with the Numbers Count teacher to plan work for Numbers Count and for class-based lessons. Children selected for the programme will take a short test with their Numbers Count teacher at the start and end of the programme, to measure their progress. The Numbers Count teacher will also observe children during their class-based lessons to find out about how they learn mathematics.

The role of parents and carers

Before children start Numbers Count, parents will be invited to meet the Numbers Count teacher. This is to explain the programme and to find out more about each child. There will also be a discussion of the role of parents in getting their children to school on time every day and supporting children with homework. Occasionally Numbers Count children will sometimes bring home a mathematics activity to practise what they have learned. Parents will be asked to help them to do the activity and to talk about it. Later on, parents will be invited to watch their children having a Numbers Count lesson. This gives parents a chance to see how much their children have learned and how they are being taught mathematics. After one term in Numbers Count, most children return to their class as more confident and independent learners. They go on to make good progress in their class lessons. All children’s progress is carefully monitored. If there is a dip in progress, the Numbers Count teacher and the class teacher will work together to plan the best support for the child. If the dip continues, the school may be able to give your child more time on Numbers Count or may make other arrangements to support them.

Numbers Count Video

To watch a video about Numbers Count, go to:-

Click on ‘ECC for Parents’ and then ‘Numbers Count & 1stClass@Number’ Or you can ask the Numbers Count teacher to show you the video at school.

Should you require any further information, please contact Miss K Hinnigan at school.                    

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