We are looking for Parents / Carers to form a PTA (Parent & Teacher Association)

Meeting one hour per month …make new friends …..enjoy an informal meeting lead by you as parents with coffee and cake….. organising and running social events and raising funds.

See Miss Davidson to be part of it

01642 245598


Universal Credit

Are you ready for Universal Credit?  Have you thought about how you will budget when weekly payments switch to monthly payments from April 2016?

Universal Credit supports people who are on a low income or out of work, and helps ensure that you are better off in work than on benefits.

Universal Credit will help you combine work with being a parent and makes it easier to take part-time, flexible or temporary jobs to help you gain valuable skills and avoid CV gaps.

Your Universal Credit payment is based on your earnings, not how many hours you work – which means greater flexibility for you. You can apply for a wider range of jobs and get back to work sooner because Universal Credit tops up your earnings if you’re on a low income.

For more support on budgeting your universal payment contact ‘The money advice service’ on 0300 5005000 or speak to Miss Davidson for money courses in school.


Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) at Berwick Hills Primary

Berwick Hills Primary is proud of its opportunities available for parents and carers to have involvement in their child’s learning and its ‘family learning’ programmes. As a school we are always keen to develop many more aspects of our home-school partnership. A parent’s involvement in their child’s learning really does make a difference. Our School has now achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA). This award looked at how well we work with parents and carers, how welcoming the school is, and how we support parents in helping their child to learn. You can find out more about the Leading Parent Partnership Award via the LPPA website:







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