School Nurse

School Nurse Drop In Session every Wednesday from 8.30 am

Please feel free to drop into school on a Wednesday morning 8.30-9.00am to discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s health with our School Nurse Viv Bradley

School Nurses

School nurses work with children, young people and families to empower and enable them to make informed decisions about health, and to support them in transitioning safely and happily into adult life. The 5-19 Healthy Child Service works in community settings to deliver universal and targeted interventions designed to meet public health outcomes. They ensure the emotional and physical health and wellbeing of families, children and young people across Middlesbrough

School Nurses are registered nurses or midwives who have an additional qualification in specialist community public health nursing. They are highly skilled in the assessment and co-ordination of support tailored to individual and family needs

They aim to help build parents’ confidence in their ability to give their child the best start in life and listen carefully when parents have concerns. They identify and build on what is going well, and provide information to help parents find their own solutions to problems where possible 

We have a named nurse, Viv Bradley,  linked to our school who  works closely with health visitors so that children and families with complex health and social care needs are identified early. School nurse then puts in place a health management plan to support the child’s health, school attendance and education.

The School Nursing team are also responsible for:

  • Measuring and weighing children in reception and year 6 as part of the National Child Measurement Programme;
  • Universal screening for vision and audiology (hearing) screening for reception children
  • Undertaking immunisation and vaccinations
  • Providing enuresis (involuntary urination) advice and support
  • Providing emotional health and wellbeing support;
  • Supporting children and families with additional health needs or disability
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles in schools and communities through health education

Specialist advice and support will also be offered to:

Children in need of protection and their families; children and families in need; foster carers and children who are in care.

When young people and families require targeted interventions, these may be provided solely by the Healthy Child Team or delivered in partnership. Common partners for such interventions are stronger families, education, weight management services, leisure services or youth services. We liaise with the relevant agencies to provide a ‘one team’ approach. 

The Middlesbrough 0-19 Service central contact number is 0300 303 1603.


The nursing service are planning to offer all Year 6 pupils and parents the opportunity to complete a health questionnaire, which may identify key public health issues/themes. They also plan to continue to deliver the NNCMP screening for Reception and Year 6 pupils.  They plan to help schools identify if there is a childhood obesity problem and help support in liaising with other agencies and planning targeted sessions.  They will continue to make direct referrals to More Life.


HCT will liaise with appropriate Specialist Nurse to link with schools to support staff with training on  conditions such as Astma, Diabetes and Epilepsy conditions, severe allergies requiring Epipen.


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