PE & Sporting Activities

Dinnertime Basketball

During our dinnertime’s this term we have started to introduce the children to basketball to work alongside the children’s PE topic this term. The children have loved the opportunity to showcase yet more of their sporting talents this year. We have had our house groups in KS2 compete in small sided games on the playground at dinner time which has been fantastic and gave out KS1 children a look at the sport too and we have often found we have developed quite a large crowd of supporters who have supported their house team. Well done children and lets hope all our practice pays off in the up coming basketball championships for Middlesbrough Schools.

Premier League Football Competition

Due to Middlesbrough Football Club now competing in the Premier League our children have had a fantastic opportunity to compete in yet another football competition to find the MFC representative for 2016/2017. We took 8 mega keen footballers from Y4,Y5,Y6 who showed some fantastic attitude and composure when competing against some of the best school sides in the North East. Although victory never came the children had a great run out and managed to come home beaming with a lovely participation certificate, well done everyone!

Year 5/6 Mixed Basketball Competition

In a rare occurrence due to the vast size of the Middlesbrough district we were recently given the opportunity to take two teams to the Middlesbrough mixed basketball championships. We took one team of year 6 children and another mainly consisting year 5 children. Both teams performed valiantly on the day winning more games than they had lost and showing all of the skills they had been honing in their afterschool club as well as all the new skills picked up from PE and dinner time competition. Both teams qualified for the knock out competition with our Y6 children been defeated in the semi final by eventual winners the avenue 2-1. Our Year 5 children were also narrowly beaten in the quarter final. The children were more than proud of their efforts as were all the staff who had worked with them well done everyone.

Year 5/6 Girls Basketball Competition

With all our girls recently attending the mixed championships at Outwood Academy we knew that the girls had picked up some vital experience and would help them compete in the girls event. The day started well with a well earned draw after a great game. We then were beaten in the next two games which meant we would compete in the plate competition for the rest of the tournament. After a team talk on what we needed to do on the next set of games the girls were massively determined. The next two games ended in two huge wins for the girls meaning they finished at Middlesbrough Primary School Plate Champions!! Well done girls for your fantastic achievement you have made the school very proud.

Gymnastics Competition

On the 17th November we took 3 teams to the annual gymnastics competition which was held at Middlesbrough college. This year was the most challenging the competition had been since it started with the children expected to learn routines to music as well as other changes. The children have been working fantastically hard since the start of term with our gymnastic coach Gemma who has done a fantastic job in the short time frame. All 3 of our teams made our school fantastically proud with our KS1 team doing incredibly well. All the girls and boys who attended were brilliant and have really found an appetite for gymnastics that we hope they carry on into the future with.

Sports Hall Athletics

Our 3/4 have recently attended the sports hall athletics competition which sees 32 schools throughout Middlesbrough compete in a number of different running, throwing and jumping events to see who will be crowned winners. This is the first year the event has ran for year 3/4 which meant the children were the first in Middlesbrough to try this new event. We took 23 fantastic athletes who had spent some time both at school and home practicing their various events throughout the week. Throughout the day we competed fantastically well with some children winning their own events. Both Miss Whorlton & Mr Scott were really impressed by the attitude and support all the children showed each other right throughout the day. The children finished in 6th position for their heat of 16 and 9th overall out of the 32 who attended the day.

Skipping Festival

The 3/4 children throughout the term have been practicing various types of skipping in anticipation for the first ever Middlesbrough Schools skipping festival which was held at Middlesbrough Sports Village. 30 Children were given the opportunity to develop some new skills and we are very proud of the level of commitment the children showed practicing almost every dinner and break time for weeks up until the event. On the day the children were given some individual certificates and medals for their efforts as well as some team certificates for finishing in the top 3 in almost every different type of skip. Well done to our Y3/4 boys & girls who have been extremely busy this half term.

Children In Need

Tying in with our schools recent push on Skipping we decided to hold a skip-a-thon in support of children in need with children competing as individuals and as a class to see who would be crowned the top class and most successful skipper. The children absolutely loved the day and it was great to see the enthusiasm the children have developed for skipping right throughout the school. Well done to Miss Hutcheson class who were crowned top class with 657. Our eventual school today was a amazing 3220 which totally smashed the target the children were set of 2000. Well done everyone.

Table Tennis

8 Children of year 5/6 were recently given the opportunity to compete in the Middlesbrough Table Tennis competition. Unfortunately at present our children have no opportunities to play table tennis at school so all of our children went with little or no experience at all. However the emphasis was on fun and enjoyment and potentially introducing the children to a new sport they may have never had the opportunity to play. As the day went on our children picked up the game remarkably quick and finishing the day with a few wins under their belts well done team Berwick Hills!

Tuesday Night Football

The past 3 weeks has seen our children attend UCA along with Pallister Park & Park End school as part of the schools partnership for our local area. Each week has seen a different group attend and play some 6 a side indoor football in a fun none pressured environment where scores have not been kept and the absence of any winners or league tables. The children have loved the opportunity to play against some other teams with fun been the main outcome. We have so far taken a Y3/4 team, Y5/6 boys and a year 5/6 girls team. Well done everyone and we look forward to more small events at UCA in the future.

Upcoming Spring Term Events

Again we have a number of events planned in the spring term which are all part of the Middlesbrough schools events this will be as well as any partnership events we may take part in at UCA.

Thursday 26th January – 5/6 Middlesbrough Swimming Gala

Tuesday 31st January – 5/6 Mixed Basketball

Tuesday 7th February – Girls Y5/6 Basketball

Tuesday 14th March – Mixed Y3/4 Y5/6 Cross Country

Thursday 6th April – Y5/6 Mixed Netball

Tennis Competition Year 5/6

 Due to the huge success of our last dinner time tennis competition our children again competed in another in school competition with this time a fantastic 32 children taking part on 3 courts over the course of dinner time. We have definitely seen a spike in interest from the children regarding sports this term and the level at which they are now performing has been excellent. We got down to our top 4 with Mark taking the overall accolade of winner. Well done Mark a big thank you also to Miss Ahmed for her help in organising the event.

 Inter-House Tag Rugby Results

 After 5 weeks of fabulous games of tag rugby our finals have concluded this week on our last week of half term. 50 children have honed there skills over the last half term and have all learnt a number of new skills and developed into fantastic tag rugby players which has resulted in some fantastic results in competitions with other schools. Well done to the Y5/6 winners Kingfisher who won a frantic final against a very good Woodpeckers side. Our 3/4 Winners were tied between Robin and Kingfisher who couldn’t be separated via points, and managed to draw a final game. We are immensely proud of the attitude and commitment the children have shown this half term and look forward to introducing a number of sports inter-house sports competitions to them throughout the year.

 Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Mixed 13th October

 Our children had long anticipated the Tag Rugby event held at Middlesbrough College with a recent buzz around Tag Rugby they prepared themselves for a day filled with Rugby. The team started fairly sleepy losing to a Green Lane side who were very organised. However the children soon improved with 3 fantastic wins following the first game. They then met Pallister Park in the last game and gave a fantastic game which was excellent and thrilling to watch eventually been beat 6-5. The afternoon seen us qualify for the Championship event against the best sides in Middlesbrough, again we performed superbly only been beat by St Edwards in a close affair. We then reached the semi final stage where again we met Pallister Park. Another superb game followed unfortunately the children were beaten by the same score line again 6-5. We were immensely proud of the children and cant believe how far the children have come in the short amount of time they have spent practicing with some never played the game before. Well done and we hope our children keep up the hard work!

 Girls 5/6 Tag Rugby 14th October

 After the excitement and buzz throughout key stage 2 about how well our mixed team performed it was now the girls turn to show what they could do. We started remarkably well with two big wins in the first groups meaning we qualified for the Championship event yet again on the afternoon. The afternoon brought a sterner test for the girls however they met it head on and held there own against some brilliant teams, we were eventually beaten by St Edwards school who went on to finish eventual runner up of the competition. Again we cant praise our girls enough on what a great advert they were for our school. We also are very proud of our Year 4 girl Emily who we took to the event who was fantastic and didn’t look out of place against bigger, stronger and older girls. Well done everyone.

 Year 3/4 Tag Rugby 19th October

 Our Year 3/4 squad visited the first competition of the year for lower KS2 when they visited the Southlands centre for their turn at representing our school in Tag Rugby. We started our morning fixtures with a close game against St Clares with a narrow win, the children soon settled into the games with another two wins following, which meant they again like our other teams qualified into the championship competition. The afternoon seen us drawn against some fantastic teams however the children remained determined and performed to some incredible levels winning a couple of narrow games against Rosewood & Captain Cook with a win against Brambles Farm ensuring the children would qualify for the semi final stage, we also took a heavy loss to what has become our local rival throughout the tag rugby competitions Pallister Park. We then met Acklam Whin in a fast paced semi final with some superb Tag Rugby on show which really highlighted how far the children have come. We went on to win a very close game 6-5 with the winning try scored in the last minute. We then went on to the final stage where we met Pallister once again however this time our children showed nerves of steel and performed beyond all expectations to give Pallister a marvellous game of Rugby which could only be applauded by the neutrals watching.  We eventually fell just short losing 8-7 in a much closer game to earlier on in the day. Mr Scott & Miss Whorlton couldn’t be more proud of the effort and commitment the children throughout KS2 have shown this year to Tag Rugby we were one of a very select number of schools whose teams all managed to qualify for their respective Championship events. Well done all 3 teams and good luck to our Y3/4 team who will now compete at the Tees Valley Finals where they will represent Middlesbrough.

 Year 5/6 Football Competition 30th September

 We recently attended our first competition of the year when we travelled to Middlesbrough Sports Village to compete in the Middlesbrough Schools round of the national schools cup. We were given an extremely tough group to progress from on the morning with 2 of the eventual finalists in our group. Our team consisted of a number of year 4’s who were fabulous than children two year older than themselves. We performed admirably all morning managing to win after a fantastic free kick from one of our year 6 boys. We narrowly lost against some of the strongest teams in the competition in another excellent performance. The afternoon seen us qualify for the plate competition after two extremely tight games we narrowly missed out on the plate semi finals. We managed to play lots of games against a number of very good teams, throughout the day we visibly improved with the number of comments from other teachers on how well our young team performed has made our school very proud and optimistic for the future. Well done boys and Girls

Tag Rugby Inter-House Competition

Now that the children have returned from their summer break we have begun are inter-house sports competitions which will continue throughout the year for our four houses within our school. Our first competition we have started is our tag rugby competition which the children are thoroughly enjoying. We have been completing our fixtures at dinner time which have been in high demand with 50 KS2 taking part through each week. Our finals are scheduled for the last week of term when we will announce our lower key stage house winner and our upper key stage house winners. Well done to the children who have made an enthusiastic start to term!

Dinner time playground activities

During our dinner times this term we have been introducing sporting activities each dinner time for the children. This has started fantastically well with the help of our fantastic sports leaders team. The children are very enthusiastic to join in and try some different skills/sports that they may never have tried before.

Year 5/6 Tennis Competition

On Friday the 23rd we held a dinner time tennis competition for the boys and girls of year 5/6. The children were all brilliant and we seen some fantastic tennis played leaving the children with quite an appetite for more in the future. Well done to our eventual winner Abi who won a close final against one of our year 6 boys.

Upcoming sports competitions

We have a very busy term ahead for the children with various different sporting competitions to enter for the Autumn term please see below for the dates for this term. A report will follow each event to keep sharing how brilliant our respective sports teams are performing

Friday 29th September Year 5/6 Football Competition

Tuesday 11th October Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Competition

Thursday 13th October Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Competition

Friday 14th October Girls Tag Rugby Competition

Thursday 17th November Key Steps Gymnastics Competition

Thursday 24th November Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics

Year 1/2 Key Stage 1 Football Festival

We recently had the pleasure of taking two key stage 1 football teams to the local football festival which was held at Middlesbrough Sports Village. We took 1 boys and 1 girls team to the event with both teams doing fantastically well. Our Boys team were only defeated 3 times over 12 matches and the girls team done admirably well against a number of other boys teams and managed to win some games on the afternoon league. All the children loved the event and got involved throughout the day. Well done Key Stage 1.

Year 5/6 Wheelchair Basketball Finals

Due to our success in the qualifying tournament our year 5/6 team managed to represent our school at the regional finals day which again was held at Middlesbrough Sports Village. The day started well with a good draw against a very good Sunnyside, we continued our fine form playing a further 4 games however we just missed out on a semi-final place by the smallest of margins. The children have been fantastic this year in their attitude to wheelchair basketball they have acquired new skills and a depth of understanding on how sport is played for people who are disabled, a massive thank you to Lee Fawcett whose club has helped develop some fantastic players.

Key Stage 1 Sports Day

We recently held our KS1 sports day which was a fantastic success. The children looked brilliant with their respective house colours on for the event. The children were massively excited to showcase all the athletics skills they had learned throughout the year in their PE lessons and were keen to get involved in everything they could. We had some superb young athletes on show who will represent our school in future years as they progress through the school. Thank you for the huge turn out of parents who added a lovely atmosphere for the children and really made them feel special, also to the parents who stepped forward for our mums and dads races which the children absolutely loved. Our Year 6 sports leaders done fantastically well in helping to run the day and with scoring and helping along the key stage 1 children well done sports leaders! Thank you for your support.

Year 3/4 Cricket Competition

We recently sent a team of year 3/4 girls and boys cricketers to Marton Country Club to compete in the plate tournament. The children performed very well winning 2 group games and narrowly getting beat in the quarter final by The Avenue primary school.

Year 5/6 Girls Cricket Competition

This time it was the turn of our older girls to visit Marton Cricket Club in the girl’s plate competition. After a rocky start losing to Abingdon by 1 run, the girls went on a marvellous run winning every game. The tournament was decided on a league table basis with our team finishing an admirable 3rd well done girls!

Year 5/6 Mixed Cricket Competition

We made our 3rd trip to Marton to finish off our cricket competitions for the year this time it was the turn of our boys and girls of year 5/6. We started off very strongly winning all our group games convincingly we then won our round of 16 games pitting us into the quarter finals with Corpus Christi. After a very close game which could of went either way we eventually lost by 4 runs however the children performed fantastically well and had a great day.

Wilf Mannion Football Competition

We recently took a team of 7 year 5/6 boys to the prestigious Wilf Mannion tournament held at Eston. We started slowly losing 2-0 to a talented Acklam Whin team however the boys pulled together and performed remarkably for the rest of the day winning 2 and drawing 2 without conceding a single goal for the rest of the day. This meant we qualified for the higher competition on day 2. We found ourselves against much tougher opposition and unfortunately didn’t manage to qualify from the group on day 2 however the boys enjoyed two great days of footballing fun.

Year 5/6 Golf Competition

Our year 5/6 golfers joined 19 other schools for this year’s Middlesbrough golf competition held at UCA. We knew that with the help of our golf coach Mr Sullivan who has been teaching our children Golf this term that we stood a good chance of doing well. We completed a number of golfing tasks with 4 minutes allocated at each one to score as many points as possible. The children sat excited waiting for their results at the end and ultimately finished 2nd out of all the 20 schools a fantastic effort well done to the children and Mr Sullivan for his great work.

Year 5/6 Athletics Competition   

Our 23 year 5/6 children attended the biggest event of the year for school sports recently when the visited the Middlesbrough Sports Village for this year’s athletics competition. With a total of 32 schools in attendance we knew it would be a tough day however the children were determined and we found ourselves making every final on the track. Eventually we finished a respectable 10 out of 32 schools in the overall points tally, a huge well done to William in Year 6 who finished overall 3rd in the Hurdles and was awarded with a bronze medal on the day.

Year 3/4 Quad Kids Competition

Following the recent athletic competition for the older children this time our Year 3/4 children had the opportunity to visit the Sports Village for their version of athletics. In all there were 24 schools in attendance for the day, our children done fantastically well all day and the teachers commented on how well behaved and focused all the children were. We eventually finished 11th out of 24.

Well done to the nine Year 5/6 children who  played in a championship hockey competition at Macmillan Academy on Wednesday 18th May. Although we did not win the competition, the games were played to a high standard. The children returned to school feeling pleased about their performance and enthused to play more hockey.

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On Thursday 19th May, thirty Year 3 children took part in a  fun festival at Tennis World. The children, along with others from schools around the Middlesbrough area, moved around a carousel of different fitness and tennis related activities. All the children enjoyed the afternoon and didn’t want the festival to end.

On Friday 20th May the Year 3 tennis festival took place. The children competed really well in their tennis matches and skill based activities. Mrs Longstaff, who supervised these children praised them for their good behaviour, team work and determination.

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