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Online Safety


At Berwick Hills, we are aware that technology is developing at a rapid pace. Often it is the case that children know more about technology than their parents.  At Berwick Hills, we believe that children should have opportunities to develop and channel their technological knowledge in order to further their learning and prepare them for future job opportunities. However, along with many advantages, using the internet can present risks to children and they need to be taught how to stay safe online.

At Berwick Hills Primary school, we oversee and monitor the safe use of technology when children are in our care and take action immediately if we are concerned about wellbeing. We ensure that all staff receive appropriate online safety training that is relevant and regularly updated. We ensure there are mechanisms in place to support young people, parents and staff facing online safety issues and implement online safety policies and acceptable use policies, which are clear, understood and respected by all. We educate young people, parents and the school community to build knowledge, skills and capability in online safety. Pupils must never be left unattended whilst online and teachers should ensure that this does not happen. If teachers know of misuse, either by a teacher or child the issue should be reported to the Headteacher without delay. As Child Protection Officer the Deputy Headteacher has overall responsibility for internet safety.


If you are concerned about content that is being accessed or received online, make a report to CEOP following the link below.



Below is a list of useful websites providing information on online and Social Media safety.


Think You Know

Childnet International


Get Safe Online

Net Aware

YouTube Restrictive Mode

There has been a big increase in children using YouTube to watch videos. Some videos are suitable for children but there is a lot of inappropriate content. This link explains how to set up a restricted mode on YouTube.

Internet Matters

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